Importance of Cell Phone SMS Messages

For the Modern and younger generation as we are life is unimaginable if you don’t have a Mobile phone. For them it is seems like an extension of their hands, a tool for saying so many things. The mostly people have devised a lingo of missed calls and sms text message by the dozen sms per day. SMS messages are a new version of the old pass-the-note messaging. SMS messages are ideal for sending to people because they are stored in mobile phone to be read what they received and what they sent when they are free. Now a days SMS messaging is possible on all mobile phone plus some landline phones are also providing the facility of sms.

SMS text messaging proved it self to be a big revenue earner for the telecom companies especially thanks to the TV channels. Every program always shows a short code as advertising for viewers to send sms messages with their complaint / feedback / opinions and polling etc. Marketing companies have used SMS so extensively that the courts stepped in to restrict the usage and this marketing technique is too much involved in daily life.

Sending sms text messages is very convenient, this is very suitable way for sending payment intimations, payment reminders, SOS calls, greetings etc can be transmitted in this form. We can also Receipts of payments like utility bills, subscriptions, renewals etc can be sent by SMS messages.

No Doubt SMS Text messages proved its worth during the last many years as the ownership of cell phones exploded to 80 million handsets. It is also use during times of crisis, governments rushed SMS alerts to people warning them of floods, earthquakes, etc. Thanks to SMS Text Messaging because it is ease of use, more people are taking up sms text messaging. Cell phone is now seen more as an important accessory of modern life than as a novelty thing.

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Video Phone Conferencing

Video Phone Conferencing generally refers to a two-way communication system in which two or more persons at different locations engage in face-to-face communication. It’s a kind of video as well as audio conferencing, in which both the people can view as well as hear each other. Earlier Video Phone Conferencing was supposed to be a costly affair, and only the big corporate houses were able to afford it. But now prices are on the way down, because with the Internet anyone can afford Video Phone Conferencing. This makes it possible for the two businesses to discuss any deal or product.

Video Phone Conferencing generally acts as a bridge between two persons who are geographically separated. This technology is not only used for business meetings but also used for conducting interviews or giving lectures. Video Phone Conferencing is also used within the organization with the help of LAN for an immediate telepresence. If we go into broader terms, then Video Phone Conferencing can be divided into two types: point-to-point conferencing and multipoint conferencing. Point-to-point Video Phone Conferencing is the communication link within one location, whereas multipoint conferencing is a link between any two locations.

Video Phone Conferencing connects people and ensures successful communication between them. While planning a Video Phone Conference there are several points to be kept in mind. These points can range from technology to clothes to the way of talking. Try to avoid all the unnecessary and distracting actions, as it can act as an obstacle between the ongoing conversations. If possible, make sure that the mike, speakers, camera and all necessary equipment are in proper shape and without any flaws. As it is a very straight and formal communication, try to set the questions in advance so that there is no wasting time. Another important point is to wear clothes that are not too dark or too light. Avoid wearing intense colors, as they can give a very jarred image.

Video Phone Conferencing is the technology that helps you talk to a client sitting on the other side of the globe. It has proved to be a boon for the corporate houses who want to take a slice of the world business pie, and take their business to next level.

Phone Conferencing [

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